#4 Trip of 2017- Beverly Hills Hotel

My #4 Top Trip for 2017 didn’t require a passport – just a ticket to the City of Stars.In April, we took a short family Spring Break getaway to California, to the Beverly Hills Hotel. Here, I tested out its claim that it is kid friendly (while still enjoyable for the adults). Sure enough, it didn’t disappoint!

The scoop below:

Where did we go?
The full itinerary started in Arizona, where we took in the gorgeous spring wildflowers, followed by a road trip to Los Angeles, via Palm Springs .

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is ALWAYS worth a detour.


Destination Highlight:

The Beverly Hills Hotel – the home of glitz and glamour, and where even you feel like a star from the moment you step out of your car onto the red carpet (I’m not kidding!).

Beverly Hills Hotel

Entrance to the iconic “Pink Palace.”Beverly Hills Hotel

Red Carpet Arrivals for All.Why this Destination?
Too often I work with families whose appetite is bigger than their stomach – a complicated itinerary with too much travel can result in a vacation with more exhaustion at the end than at the beginning! Particularly with very young kids (we had a 7 year old, a 5 year old, and a 4 month old in tow), this is easy, nonstop flight from most major cities, and doesn’t require a passport. It’s also doable in a week, and zika free.

Activity Highlight:

Taking a private tour of Beverly Hills. This was fantastic, and the kids loved just as much as I did! We saw the celebrity homes (roll your eyes, but you KNOW you’d be interested, too!), went to a crowd free, picture perfect shot of the Hollywood sign, and learned more hidden secrets than People or Us Weekly could ever give me.


Hollywood sign

Hollywood Signs, with no one else for miles? Check.


In the unplanned activity department: spending the afternoon at the famed Beverly Hills Hotel pool was the winner (the girls LOVED the underwater music!)

Beverly Hills Hotel pool

You know you’ve made it when you’re served bacon & eggs after 12pm poolside in Beverly Hills.


Service Story:

My husband and I arranged a baby sitter and set off for a date night at a top restaurant in West Hollywood one night. Once we arrived, we were overwhelmed by a comedy of errors – the service was beyond slow, our meals were delivered to the (empty) table behind ours, and in general we had the sense that we were receiving inferior service to those around us.

Upset that our special date night was all but ruined, we left as soon as we were done and returned to the hotel for a nightcap. Immediately upon arriving at the hotel’s famed Polo Lounge, we were swept off to the most central table outside, where in no less than two minute four different waiters in white jackets checked on us. Once again, we felt like royalty. Two drinks and a chocolate souffle later, our date night was restored.

Favorite Meal:

If chocolate souffle counts as a meal, it was the souffle al fresco under the lights at the Polo Lounge (see above for story).

beverly hills hotel polo lounge

No caption needed for this magical moment.


Know Before You Go:

There are MANY room categories here, between the main building and the bungalows. Don’t book blindly…be sure to let me know what your priorities are (space, balcony, patio, etc), so we can assist with finding the perfect match.

Insider Tips:

~ Booking through Gehring Travel, you will always receive full breakfast daily (excludes only alcohol and caviar, so don’t go too overboard!), a guaranteed room upgrade¬†at booking¬† (doesn’t apply to suites), a $100 credit off your room bill, and free wifi.

Beverly Hills Hotel

The gorgeous rooms vary greatly…picking the right category for you is of utmost important here.


~ Beverly Hills may be known for its high prices, but simple (affordable) pleasures aren’t too hard to find: the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM is just a few minutes’ drive from the Beverly Hills Hotel, and a hit for adults and kids alike, while there are several nail salons just off Rodeo Dr. that have comparable prices to yours at home…with the glitz and glamour of never knowing who will walk in next.

Sprinkles ATM, just off Rodeo Dr.


Who Would Like This Trip:

Anyone with a penchant for Old Hollywood Glamour. My conviction that the Beverly Hill Hotel is the only place where you can experience the romanticized vision of what L.A. is like holds true. Once you leave, you’ll encounter traffic and the reality that you aren’t, in fact, an A-Lister. Still, you’ll always be a star at the Pink Palace.