Louisa Gehring

Since starting my own travel business in January 2013 as an affiliate of Brownell , a Virtuoso agency, I have Louisa Gehring Virtuoso Travel Advisorhad the opportunity to merge my strengths and passions – knowledge of travel, organization, and high-touch customer service – with Brownell’s best-in-industry global connections to become a Luxury Travel Advisor.

I specialize in high-end couples, family, and multi-generational travel worldwide, whether it is to New Zealand, the Caribbean, Africa, or beyond. I enjoy creating custom itineraries and adding special touches on all trips, be it a safari by private jet, a behind-the-scenes tour of a top museum after hours, a series of unforgettable tours and activities fun for kids AND adults, or a “I promise you won’t lift a finger” logistically-challenging family trip.

Fun Facts:

~ I believe that traveling and experiencing products firsthand for my clients helps sift through the clutter of pretty websites and glossy photos. I try to travel to at least 4 different destinations each year, based on what I feel my clients will love. Most recently, I’ve been to Fiji, Spain, a Danube river cruise, and New Zealand.

~ Even when not traveling, I’ve spent much of my adult life on the go: I left  Maryland at the age of 12 to attend to Groton School in Massachusetts, followed the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, followed by stints as a Marine Corps spouse in Richmond (Quantico), California (29 Palms), and Wilmington, NC (New River), before setting in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have spent a lifetime learning how to make logistics run smoothly and feeling “at home”, even while traveling, in a new location!

~ All those moves (not to mention three kids) means figuring out how to be resourceful…quickly. If I don’t know the answer to a question, I’ll find out!

~ My daughter says her own prayers nightly after I leave the room – they generally include a Hail Mary, an Our Father, and a prayer to go on another Tauck Bridges European River Cruise.

~ My brain is ALWAYS on when I travel, taking notes of the pros and cons for you. I will not recommend a hotel, a cruise line, or a tour that I cannot honestly say I would travel to or on myself.

~ My clients live all over, from London to New Mexico, and travel all over. In 2017 alone, we have clients heading to places as exotic to Iran, New Zealand, and Antarctica, and as perennially popular as Hawaii, London, Greece, and Italy. The one common thread? They are looking to have a trip of a lifetime.

For more information on how I can help you plan the trip of a lifetime, please spend a few moments exploring our site or contact me.