Homestead: A Downhome Retreat

homestead luxury hotel virtuoso
It’s funny how, once children enter the picture, a resort is measured not only by how much it pleases you, but also by how much fun your kids had. The Homestead understands this, and strives to provide fun for the whole family.
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A family trip to Europe is an essential building block in building a good travel foundation. With a visit to Europe and the UK, children can touch and see what they have learned in the classroom, and learn a language by making interaction with actual “locals”, rather than in a school...
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Luxury Africa Travel

Africa is an extraordinary continent. Some of the incredible experiences in Africa I can plan are: Private Safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Botswana, and beyond Shopping for spices with a local chef in a Marrakech market Taking a private helicopter into the most remote portion of the Sahara, where your own private luxury tented...
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I was raised traveling the Caribbean. While it is easy to dismiss the Caribbean as a couples-centered destination with only beaches and palm trees, it is filled with cultural activities. A short plane flight away from the East Coast with a minimal time zone difference. I can help you plan the...
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Family Adventure
The beach is nice and relaxing, but maybe your family wants more. Unique adventure experiences create memories that don’t fade with time, and bring the imaginations of kids of all ages to life. Some of the adventure travel experiences I can plan are: A long weekend in the Arctic, where you...
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Destination of the Week

luxury family vacation at the Breakers Palm Beach
It’s 40 degrees in cloudy in my normally warm and sunny Wilmington, and while the beach is still only 15 minutes away, all I want to do is cuddle by the fire and dream of beach vacations past. Which brings me to my current post of the week: Palm Beach. Palm...
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Luxury Cruises

Mass market cruise glitches are often the target of the media, but the reality is, luxury, high-end cruising is more comprehensive, more luxurious, and more affordable than ever. From Seabourn to Sea Dream, from Oceania to Regent, it is not uncommon for cruises to boast Michelin-starred chefs, 5-star spas, and all-suite,...
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United States

United States travel
Some of the greatest vacations can be found right in our own backyard. From a weekend getaway to the nearest Virtuoso property to a comprehensive tour of the Great American West, I can help you with any domestic trip.       Examples include: A private guided tour of Northern Arizona,...
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Treat Yourself!

We all deserve to treat ourselves. For me, it’s a spa vacation, where I can have peace and quiet, endless massages, and glass of wine at the end of the day. For my husband, it’s a golf resort with his buddies beneath the sun and mountains of?Palm Springs. It doesn’t have...
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