Get to Know Gehring Travel: Clare Catania

Want to travel like a Luxury Travel Coordinator?  See how our very own Clare makes her own vacations memorable, and find why she thinks cell phones and WIFI makes traveling with friends easier!


· What is your favorite destination? Paris! I always feel at home in this city. There is a reason it’s called The City of Light! There is just something about the lighting at every time of day and in every type of weather that is so picturesque! It’s like something out of a storybook.

·  What is a must have in your carry on? A scarf! It is so versatile and an essential travel accessory! It can change the look of an outfit, be a makeshift pillow, or be used as a blanket, if it gets chilly. I always have one with me!

·  Window or aisle seat? Aisle- I like having open space during long flights.

·  Beach vacation or city exploring? City exploring! And the best kind of vacation is one that combines both! I love to get lost in new cities and discover things you won’t find in a guide.IMG_2584IMG_0948

·  Where is the next spot you want to visit? Scotland is currently on the top of my list. Followed by Italy, Greece, or the Netherlands. But I’m not picky! I will take any opportunity to travel regardless of location!

·  Do you prefer to visit the same place, or do you like to switch it up? A little bit of both! I never feel like I have enough time to see everything on my list so I like being able to revisit some favorite locations to see things I may have missed the first time on the way to a new destination.

·  If you could only stay in one hotel, what would it be? This is difficult! It changes whenever I stay somewhere new! Right now I would say the hotel where my boyfriend and I stayed when we were in Paris- Hotel Vaneau Saint Germain. We had a corner room on the top floor of the hotel that had a beautiful wrap-around balcony and a marble fireplace. It was absolutely perfect!IMG_0414IMG_0661

·  Favorite hotel amenity? A down duvet and comfortable pillows. A good night’s sleep can change the entire travel experience.

·  What is the most unique travel experience? When I was 16, I traveled to Cairo, Egypt to be a junior counselor at an International Youth, Leadership camp through an organization called CISV. I helped care for 45 eleven year old kids from 12 different countries and planned activities that promote global awareness and educate through immersion. It was such a wonderful experience! I got to ride a camel in the desert, go inside the pyramids, and stay in a beach house on the Mediterranean Sea for a weekend!

Village in Cairo 2008·  Who is your favorite travel companion? My boyfriend, Adam. We have very similar travel styles and share a love of experiencing the world through art, food, and adventure.

·  When did you fall in love with travel? I have loved traveling for as long as I can remember. I was lucky enough to be raised in a household where traveling was very frequent! My parents taught me how important travel can be to enhance and experience life.IMG_0305

·  What is the best piece of advice for someone leaving the country for the first time? Don’t be afraid to experience things outside of your comfort zone. The world has so much to offer, and you will learn so much, if you allow yourself to be immersed in a different culture.

·  Car, plane, train, or boat? Train or Car. Sometimes getting to your destination is part of the fun! I like making stops along the way and having the chance to discover something unexpected.DSCF7421

·  Do you fold or roll your clothes in your suitcase? A combination of both! I use travel bags/boxes so I can easily unpack at each destination.

·  Any travel gone wrong stories?  My friend from college and I were studying abroad in Europe at the same time, and we decided to meet in Paris for a weekend together. Neither of us had been to Paris before, and we chose to meet at the largest metro station in Paris, without working cell phones or data service. We spent about 3 hours walking around the station and attempting to find Wi-Fi to try to communicate, until we finally found each other. It was quite a learning experience!

· Tell us something fun about you!  I am a proud Dayton Flyer (go UD!) and have a BA in International Studies with a minor in History. I love all things related to music. I played the flute for ten years and I also know the lyrics to at least 15 Broadway musicals. I come from a very German and Italian family so a love of cooking is a must! In my free time I enjoy experimenting with baking (especially making macarons!) and sharing what I make with my friends and family.