Get to Know Gehring Travel: Kate Van Bockern

Meet the last member of the Gehring Travel team, Kate Van Bockern! She is our social media manager,

  • What is your favorite destination? It’s a tie between Florence and Disney World. And maybe Mexico. 2016-08-27_001135682_9303A_iOS
  • What is a must have in your carry on? Snacks on snacks on snacks. I blame the cabin pressure for my constant hunger on planes.
  • Window or aisle seat? Aisle. I’m actually afraid to fly, so I don’t like the window.
  • Beach vacation or city exploring? When I need to just decompress and relax, beach all the way. But there’s just nothing like learning about history and getting to know a new city.
  • Where is the next spot you want to visit? I have a trip in the works to take my (will be) 2 year old to Disney World for her first time. For a grow up trip, Portugal is really high on my list.


    First family trip – San Francisco

  • Do you prefer to visit the same place, or do you like to switch it up? I love exploring new places, but when I do repeat destinations I tend to change resorts. There are just too many incredible things to see!
  • If you could only stay in one hotel/resort, what would it be? Meadowood in St. Helena, CA. Incredible staff, gorgeous accommodations, and endless wine. What’s not to love?
  • Favorite hotel amenity? It starts and ends with the staff. A hotel can have the best of everything, but if the staff isn’t attentive and friendly, then it has nothing.
  • What is your most unique travel experience? On our honeymoon our hotel (Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore, Ireland) set up a private tour of the town. Our guide was an incredible man who extended the 1 hour tour to 3, and even played the bagpipes on the cliffs!


    Bagpipes in Ireland

  • Who is your favorite travel companion? Definitely my husband. We have slightly different travel styles, but we find compromises so we each get what we want out of the trip.
  • When did you fall in love with travel? I grew up with a family that really placed importance on travel. One of my first memories is a trip my whole family (grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins) took to England. Granted, my memories are mostly of Harrods and seeing the Crown Jewels, but it was memorable none the less. My mom is a travel advisor, so I was able to take some incredible vacations with her.
  • What is the best piece of advice for someone leaving the country for the first time? Ccreate balance in your itinerary. Too many plans will be overwhelming, but no plans? You might miss something special.
  • Where did you honeymoon? We drove around Ireland – flew into Shannon and out of Dublin. It was the most incredible 12 days!


    Cliffs of Moher

  • Car, plane, train, or boat? Car for 6 hours or less, train (I wish we had a better train system here   !), and boats for fun.
  • Do you fold or roll your clothes in your suitcase? Roll. Every single time!
  • Any travel gone wrong stories? I traveled abroad to Florence, and took the train by myself to Rome one day. I ended up a bit lost without a real map, and this was in the days before smartphones! I called my dad and he was trying to find me on Google maps. For the rest of my trip I decided to plan ahead a bit better!
  • Fun facts about you? I am born and raised in Kansas City, and a proud Jayhawk (University of Kansas). Aside from doing social media work, I am training to be a Bar Method instructor. If you ever come to KC I would love to help you find the best BBQ or point you to our best museums!