The Liberation of Paris {Hotels}

Last week, while we were marking the 10,756th day since March 1, the 76th Anniversary of the Liberation of Paris – after 4 long years of occupation, starvation, and choke-hold governance by the Nazis – came and went. A Quick Recap: Never one to shy away from a good “On This Day” story, my insatiable […]

What’s Virtuoso, Again?

Have you ever been in a meeting with a professional (i.e., CPA, lawyer, contractor, car salesman or, um, travel advisor) and find yourself not asking a question because you worry it will be a waste of time, don’t want to open the door to a long answer, or just aren’t in the mood for a […]

Virtuoso Luxury Travel Shopping (#VirtuosoWeek)

  Tomorrow I’m heading off to Virtuoso Week in Las Vegas. Held each August, it is the #1 opportunity each year to personally network and “shop” for luxury travel clients. This is when we meet the GMs, Owners, Movers & Shakers – and continue the strong bond that enables our clients to go from being […]