Next to word-of-mouth referrals and testimonials from satisfied clients, the kind of compliment that means the most to me is one given by my peers. I have been fortunate enough to be recognized multiple times in this manner:

~ In November 2015, I was honored with Brownell’s “Sterling Award” given to the one Independent Contractor to acts as “sterling example” of sharing knowledge and team spirit within the organization and with travel suppliers.

~ In August 2014, I was chosen as one of the travel industry’s “Top 30 Under 30 Travel Advisors”.

~ In August 2013, I was honored by Vacation Agent Magazine as one of 19 travel agents in the 2013 edition of Vacation Agent Magazine’s “Rising Stars”.

 Read on to see what some of my clients have said after choosing me as their Virtuoso travel advisor. You can find additional reviews on, here:

“In the midst of wedding planning, Louisa made honeymoon planning a fun and stress-free process. She took care of all the details. We were able to customize the trip and she catered it to our specific budget and needs. It was wonderful! However, we did not truly recognize the value of her service until we were turned away from the ticket gate with my husband’s damaged passport. We were devastated that we had to leave the airport and could not board the plane for our honeymoon. Louisa saved the day! She took so much of the stress away from us. Despite it being a Sunday, she worked for hours to re-book everything. She was able to shift our resort reservations and worked with the airlines to find the best rates. We drove to the nearest Passport office and before we arrived, she had already taken care of every other detail. I cannot imagine what we would have done without her help. We will not be taking any trips without Louisa’s help!”
April 2015

“Louisa helped plan a complicated trip for my 60th birthday with my family. My wish was that it be a very active trip and there were many activities she had to organize with lots of coordination on timing and travel. Louisa not only had everything perfectly organized but she made sure that no matter where we were going she had checked ahead to confirm with them, sent reminders to us, and notified every hotel and activity coordinator that it was my birthday! ( I have never had so many birthday desserts in my life! A dream come true!!) I couldn’t recommend Louisa more highly, for her professionalism, her attention to detail, her organizational skills and her wonderful personality which made it a delight to work to work with her!”
March 2015

“I got a reference from a trusted friend that Louisa was a different type of travel planner. With about 2.5 million air miles under my belt and every airline/hotel sucking up to me along with an admin that took care of everything, times changed since retiring but my expectations haven’t . I have used numerous travel companies/agents/web sites to seek good deals with sacrificing service. DONE with that now. After spending an hour with Louisa on the phone, she had my profile (quirks) figured out. Suggestions based on our desires for the Christmas trip became fun to think about with no hassle. She came back with three or four destination options and we decided based on our wants and her homework. All without having five or more tabs open on the computer. After deciding Louisa followed up on the extras (spa/sites/dining reservations) we wanted. She dealt with the hotel directly and sent us our final agenda. Yes I will use her again..”
January 2015


“On behalf of both Travis and myself, THANK YOU for everything you did to make our Chicago trip the best I have ever had. From the early check in — to the unbelievable lakeside suite — to the birthday dessert for Travis — and then the champagne and pictures of us — amazing restaurants –we honestly cannot thank you enough. This weekend was the best of my life — and I’m so thankful for all of your help making it special!! Thank you also for helping Travis with finding proposal spots and a photographer — he went on and on about how great you are!!”
June 2014

“I’ve been meaning to email you to thank you so much for booking an incredible trip! We had an AMAZING time, and all the restaurants you recommended were “spot on” in the words of Thom. We couldn’t even begin to pick a favorite. I will definitely provide you with a longer update soon. I kept a journal with every place we ate and will send that to you as well in case you have future clients going to Croatia.Thanks again for such a great trip- we had an amazing time, and received first rate service from all of the hotels and restaurants!”
June 2014


“You beat me to the punch making contact. Despite all the stuff going on with the wedding, we just spoke of how we wanted to pause a moment and express our gratitude to you for helping us have such a marvelous trip. The last week provided a much needed infusion of adventure, relief, and relaxation. Andalucia has so much to offer and we are eager to return again in the future. We look forward to sharing pictures and stories!

Thank you so much!”
June 2014


Thank you so much. We had a great trip, the highlights of which were all arranged by you! The walking tours of St. Germain and the Louvre were terrific and Katie and I both loved the Relais Christine. It was also quite convenient to stay at the airport the night before flying home – made the day stress-free. I hope we can go on another trip soon and work with you again!”

May 2014

“Gehring Travel strikes again. Just checked into our gorgeous upgraded room at the Montague and are happy as clowns. Thank you so much. How do people travel without you? Will keep you up to date and hope you and Greg have an amazing trip. Will be in touch soon.”

“Ditto Louisa. Oh my gosh: a congratulations card from all the staff, a plate of macaroons, “Congratulations ‘Dr. McLean'” spelled in chocolate”? You are too much. Thank you so so much for helping make this leg of the trip so special.”
May 2014


“Thank you so much for the wonderful gift when we got home today. The book is beautiful. Our trip
was fabulous and the Four Seasons was phenomenal!
Thanks also for your help the day of our travel. It was so much help for you to be working the phones and getting our flights changed.
Take care!I will definitely get in touch with you for our next trip!!”
May 2014


“We had a great anytime in Italy. The guide was excellent and everything worked out great. Radda turned out to be a perfect place to stay. Even with some clouds the first few days it was so beautiful. There was a huge wine tasting event for all the Chianti region outside our hotel this afternoon. We tasted 10-20 different wines–all good! We are having a great time.”
May 2014


Wanted to say thanks a billion for the most amazing honeymoon we could ask for. Everything went so smoothly and we always felt like we were treated like royalty. We loved the tour guides, especially the one we had in Bogota, and every tour was planned to perfection.

A special thanks for helping us with the hotel in Santa Marta. It turned out to be an incredible, beautiful hotel in the ideal location and really made the trip.

We will definitely be contacting you for future trips and be referring you to all our friends and family.”
January 2014


From the massages to the meals to the scenery (not to mention the champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries awaiting our arrival!), it was all incredible, and just what we wanted. I really can’t thank you enough for being so patient with us in trying to figure out the right trip for us. You nailed it!! There were a couple of times during the week that my husband and I just looked at each other and said “Thanks Louisa!!!””
October 2013


There are not even words to describe how awesome Thailand is and how incredible the Sala Phuket is. You have more than outdone yourself. I know we’re supposed to be enjoying this trip but Joel and are already thinking about the magic you can work for our first anniversary next year. How we ever traveled without your help before-I will never know.

Thanks a million times over! We will definitely send pictures and you should definitely send more of your clients here!”
October 2013


“I worked with Louisa to plan my honeymoon in August of 2013. Prior to this experience, I had never worked with a travel advisor, but I was daunted by the prospect of planning and executing a complex international vacation while working and planning a wedding. Louisa came highly recommended to me, and I decided to entrust her with the most important vacation of my life.

My fiancee and I had a vague idea that we wanted to spend some time on the Mediterranean followed by some time in Italy’s lake region, but I hadn’t visited either area. I asked Louisa to provide some suggestions, and she came back to me promptly with a wide variety of hotel options in each region, including detailed information about the towns and surrounding regions, hotel amenities, and pricing. She also provided various flight and travel options. Based on Louisa’s detailed research, I was able to visualize the entire vacation, including hotels, dinners, and activities, without wallowing through pages of unhelpful information online. Based on Louisa’s guidance, I quickly settled on the Chateau de la Chevre d’Or in Eze, France; followed by the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, in Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy.

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, I was completely overwhelmed with work and wedding planning. I relied heavily on Louisa to make restaurant reservations, plan activities, and ensure that all travel and logistics were ready. It was a leap of faith, but Louisa was up to the task.

The honeymoon was absolutely incredible, and the execution was flawless. The hotels Louisa recommended were world-class, with breathtaking views and first-rate service. In France, we were met with champagne and a variety of treats. At each hotel we visited, the staff knew we were coming and treated us like royalty. We enjoyed wonderful complimentary breakfasts, a private boat tour, and rooms with unmatched views. For the first time in my life, a complicated vacation was truly stress-free. Our travels involved planes, trains, and even my first European rental car, but with Louisa’s detailed itinerary, I had complete confidence that the details and logistics were taken care of. At one point, we ran into minor confusion at a train station in Nice. I emailed Louisa, and she replied promptly with the answer to my question.

I highly recommend Louisa as a travel advisor, and she’ll be the first person I call when it comes time to plan my next vacation. A honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunity, and my decision to entrust Louisa with it was rewarded over and over again.”
August 2013

“Dear Mrs. Gehring,

I would like to inform you that your clients checked in yesterday at midnight to our hotel, safe and sound. Our hotel provides 24h front office service and our colleague was waiting for them. We have offered them a welcome Greek salad souvlaki and one shot of Naxos Island local liqueur, Kitron. Today in the morning they had their breakfast and seemed really satisfied. Therefore, I would like to assure you that you may have no worries.
I found your email very professional and I would like to congratulate you for looking after of your clients. Unfortunately, not many travel agents do it anymore.
We hope to have the chance for more future cooperation!”
June 2013



“Dear Louisa,
I was planning to contact you today as well to thank you for the coffee (!) which we certainly have needed during this jet-lagged period! It was very thoughtful of you to send it, and we will use it immediately! As for the trip, it was spectacular. Everything went so smoothly- no problems with transfers or any of the travel plans. We also loved both hotels. The Sans Souci was particularly lovely and the location was great- probably better for us than the DO and CO, as it was a bit further away from all of the hubbub, but was also in a very convenient area. We thought the guides were great, and learned a tremendous amount about the area. We had a nice balance between time for ourselves to explore and planned activities, so the whole thing was wonderful.Thank you so much for helping us to make this very special family vacation so memorable!”
June 2013

“Louisa – the whole trip was fantastic! Thank you so much for all the effort you put in. Your touch literally made all the difference!
The weather was perfect. We made impromptu cocktails on the porch which was beyond fantastic with the view. Grant was over the moon with the complimentary BMW drive and I LOVED the time at the spa and by the spa pool – incredibly relaxing! Dinner at Salt was incredible! Thank you so much for making that reservation. ! Thank you so much again. We have some travel plans throughout the summer and will definitely make sure to get you involved! I am your biggest fan!”
May 2013


“Wow! Louisa!!!
You really know how to set things up! We had a blast that started from the moment we walked out of the cab in from of the Ritz Carlton until we left Monday afternoon. Everything was perfect, even the weather. Saturday was the one chilly rainy-ish day and we devoted that to the Metropolitan Museum of Art so rain just made it more delightful. The plays were real highlights. That and the incredible attention and comfort delivered by the staff at the hotel. We walked and looked and ate more than you can imagine. I can’t thank you enough for the special touches, TNTM: too numerous to mention! Louise really got a kick out of the trip overall and should remember turning 21 for a while. Now, I cannot wait to dream up another trip and get your guidance. Matter of fact, we will really need to go back to NYC to see some more of what we missed. I will dream up another good excuse to celebrate. Thank you so much, Louisa.”

“What a trip. We are back and are feeling withdrawal that it is over. This is due, primarily, to you and your incredibly generous efforts that resulted in us having an unbelievable time at The Cloister. Truly, the room was breathtaking, with stunning marsh views (our favorite), chocolate-covered strawberries, two bottles of champagne, and a framed picture of the two of us! I just wish you could have seen this incredible suite, overlooking an even more incredible view of the marsh and sunset, and most of all, how happy it made us on our honeymoon. It was magical. Your personal touch made it feel like we were coming off of another wedding weekend. Thank you so much – can’t wait to book another trip!”
May 2013


“Thanks for all of your hard work! As for my tour of Santiago, it was FABULOUS!!!!!!! My tour guide was adorable, smart, articulate and very knowledgeable. She sensed what I wanted to see and made suggestions along the way. We saw a couple of markets, changing of the guard at the palace, we went to the top of San Cristobol and had an awesome view of the city. We walked along the pedestrian only streets, with wonderful window shopping and people watching. We saw a couple of churches, some government buildings and got a general feel for the city, along with some history. I can’t say enough good things about my guide and driver. First class all the way and lots of fun!
Thanks so much for arranging everything!”
April 2013


“I had a good trip to New York. I was upgraded to a Suite at The Carlyle, thanks to you, and at ’21 Club’ they fell all over me! I sat at a wonderful table, the manager greeted me, and a couple of the other servers made sure everything was taken care of. I know it’s because of your business connection.”
February 2013


“I just used Louisa to plan a Caribbean vacation. Since it was going to take us an entire day’s journey to get us to the island in question, she quickly calculated that we would be much happier stopping over somewhere en route. She effortlessly compared prices for flights and hotels to come up with the perfect itinerary. I could never have come up with a travel scenario as quickly and efficiently without a professional advisor. Louisa is very responsive, cheerful, and I was so excited to get our itinerary! Can’t wait for the trip : ). Thanks Louisa!”

March 2013