I am a luxury travel advisor who promises first and foremost to provide you with a seamless, first-class planning experience. Five years into working in this rapidly changing, ever-evolving industry, I continue to hear about and believe in several reasons why clients choose to book with me.

Order From Chaos

In the information age there is such thing as too much of a good thing. There are too many options, too many hidden fees, and too much of a time commitment involved to (sanely) plan a trip! More and more clients come to me with their “heads spinning” with the dizzying array of ideas for their next big trip. Maybe their friends have said they HAVE to visit three Hawaiian islands in 7 days, but that Tripadvisor says stick to Maui, while their gut isn’t sure either is the right fit. Having a objective, third party who plans these trips day in and day out is the best way to get out of the trip planning rut and into a positive momentum! Trip planning should be fun and easy for you, NOT time-consuming and draining. That’s our job.

VIP Treatment

Not only will I eliminate the hassle of trolling the internet for deals and the best places to stay, I can also give you added value and unique experiences that are simply impossible to book online. As an Luxury Travel Advisor with Brownell Travel, I, and therefore my clients, have access to the worldwide Virtuoso network, which often allows such complimentary amenities as upgrades, monetary credits and special experiences at member hotels and on cruise lines.

With my support and network, I have been able to secure clients an upgrade to the Presidential Suite at a Four Seasons in peak season. I have facilitated the shipping of a client’s bag – after the client was unexpectedly hospitalized and airlifted to Athens – from a remote Greek island to his hospital bedside. I have had clients have a before-hours private viewing of the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London, enjoy a private dinner at the Vatican, go alpine fishing in the remote mountains of New Zealand, and have a privately guided safari in South Africa with one of Africa’s most heralded guides. These are just a few of the experiences we have personally created (or situations we have handled!) for clients looking for a trip they will never forget.

Brownell is a member of Four Seasons Preferred, Ritz Carlton STARS, Rosewood Elite, Orient Express Bellini Club, and other programs. Through my affiliation with Brownell, I can utilize these benefits to extend my clients VIP status and service at their properties.

Creative, Customized Experiences

You finally have carved out time to go on a trip for you….so make it yours! Most of our clients are craving private, creative tours and experiences, with knowledgeable guides who will help navigate crowds and teach them an experience they wouldn’t otherwise know. A good private experience or tour is an investment, and can make a trip. With years of planning luxury trips and contacts around the world, we not only have a network of the best guides and experiences, but we also work to match the right experience and tour with your travel style. No two itineraries are alike!

Less Worry, More Relaxing

The flights are purchased, hotels booked, and tours chosen. But how will you get from A to B to C? Logistics are the most invisible, yet single most important, part of a successful trip. Poorly planned logistics are the top way trips unravel, and if you’ve ever planned your own trip, you know this part is tedious, oh so important to plan…and takes hours! On average, we spend 15+ hours on the logistics portion alone for each itinerary, because we realize how important it is for you to wake up each morning of your trip and relax knowing that it’s all been taken care of.


Even the best laid plans can go awry. When something goes “bump” on a trip, we provide troubleshooting assistance. You will have both in-country contacts for to the minute emergency assistance, and we are also available for you to ensure the issue has been addressed and resolved in the most expedient and satisfactory way possible.


Can’t wait to get started? Contact me here, or peruse the Sample Itineraries, Client Testimonials, and Media Mentions to learn more.