In all of my trips, there is a five-step “Discover More” process to ensure this happens. My goal, as a luxury travel consultant, is to make sure the needs of everyone  are met and expectations are exceeded, and to do this, I collaborate with you with these five steps:

1. Discover

My favorite step in working with clients is learning about their preferred travel style, favorite hotels or resorts, and ideal type of vacation. This allows me to help you in planning a trip that everyone will enjoy. During this time, I will also learn of any special needs travelers in your group may have, what your budget range for the trip is, and any other considerations. This is a crucial step, as building the ideal trip takes true advisor-client collaboration.

2. Design

This is where you can relax, and I do the work. I will use my extensive network of Brownell and Virtuoso luxury travel contacts to determine the ideal options for your vacation. I will also recommend any activities and sites that will make the trip extra special, and will present them to you to hear your thoughts.

3. Connect

Once a destination and trip have been selected, I will assist you with all other details. In addition to booking your trip, I will send a letter of introduction to any contacts I may have at any of the luxury properties on your itinerary, and will ensure you VIP status, and secure an added special touch for you during your trip. With our customized information on your destination, I will also provide you with tipping recommendations, up to date currency exchange information, important contact numbers while abroad, and any other details.

4. Experience

Once all the details are ironed out and you are on your way, I will check up on you to ensure all is well. I will also be available throughout your trip in case you need to reach me – whether it is to send an amazing new photo or to alert me of a snafu.

5. Share

Upon your return, I will call and ask you about your trip – your favorite parts, your favorite meal, and if anything could have been done differently. This is one of my favorite steps of the process, because I get to live vicariously through your amazing stories!